XS is a top-performance ‘new generation polymer’ anchoring system with very low VOC content offering very high performance in both cracked & uncracked concrete, along with a very good performance under seismic conditions (C1 & C2). XS together with its variations is one of the most versatile anchoring systems in our range.

To match your installation environment, XS is available with various curing times, which include:

  • XS – normal gel and cure time (standard grade)
  • XS-E – slow gel and fast cure time for high-temperature environments (extended gel time / tropical grade)
  • XS-C – fast gel and fast cure time for cold-temperature environments (winter grade)

XS range is available in cartridge sizes from 150ml to 850ml.

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  • ETA according to EAD 33049-00-0601 (Option 1: Cracked & Uncracked Concrete)
  • Seismic C1 & C2
  • ETA according to EAD 330087-00-0601 (TR023: Rebar Connections)
  • NSF/ANSI 61 (Potable Water Contact)
Approval Information


  • Anchors may be placed close to free edges
  • Suitable for dry, wet & flooded holes
  • Reduced drilling diameters i.e. M20 only requires a 22mm hole and M24 requires only a 26mm hole making it an economical injection system
  • Variable embedment depths
  • Available in co-axial cartridges (380; 400; 410; 420ml), side by side cartridges (345; 350;360ml), and single piston foil pack cartridges (150; 165; 170; 300; 550; 850ml)
  • Ratio of 10:1.
  • Also Available in fading blue version

Typical Applications


  • Structural applications in cracked and uncracked concrete
  •  Applications where higher seismic resistance is required (C1 & C2)
  • Reinforcing & starter bars
  • Suspended ventilation systems
  • Safety barriers
  • Machinery & heavy machinery
  • Racking
  • Rolling cranes

Suggested Product Accessories

Suggested Accessories

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