Committed to protecting the environment

2K Polymer Systems are committed to protecting the environment. We believe our company has a responsibility to conduct its operations so that it does not compromise the ability or health of future generations. We believe that environmental practices are as important as our dedication and commitment to health, safety and quality in the workplace. As such, we are committed to complying with environmental legislation and frameworks.

Whenever possible we seek to minimize or even eliminate our company’s environmental impact, through continuous improvements in our environmental performance. We work hard to reduce our consumption of non-renewable resources. And whenever practicable, we choose the materials and processes which have the lowest impact on the environment.

We are particularly committed to:

  • Developing an ethos of environmental responsibility in all of our employees by asking that they follow this policy in respect of the duties they undertake
  • Ensure that employees are aware of and comply with, all current legislative responsibilities relating to the environment (including any operating permit requirements)
  • Ensure that employees are made aware of future legislation so we can plans for its impact upon the business, and take additional measures as are considered necessary to ensure compliance
  • Hold review meetings with staff to remind them of the environmental policy and discuss action to maintain or improve our performance against key indicators
  • Maintain records of the resources we use (energy and water) to enable better management through conservation and reduction
  • Maintain records of the materials we use (packaging etc.) to reduce waste through reduction and re-use when practicable
  • Maintain records of the wastes we produce and adopt a hierarchical approach to their handling – Reduce (by agreed supply conditions), Re-Use (whenever practicable), Recycle (via third party activity) and as an absolute last resort, Disposal
  • Ensure that any wastes are only handled by appropriately licensed contractors
  • Implement monitoring regimes when required to evaluate and control point source or fugitive emissions (noise, fumes, particulates etc.)
  • Avoid environmental damage by identifying, assessing and managing potential hazards
  • Devise environmental performance indicators at individual company level and regularly review performance together with any audit or assessment findings

2K is committed to protecting of the environment. We consider environmental regulations that apply to our activities to be the minimum standards and aim to exceed them at every opportunity.

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